Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saturday night at the movies! Justin Bieber takes his very leggy girlfriend Selena Gomez on a traditional low-key date

By Mike Larkin

Date night: Justin Bieber took his leggy girlfriend Selena Gomez to the movies on Saturday night

It looks like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez decided to take some advice from a classic radio hit.

For the pair opted to spend Saturday Night at the Movies in Los Angeles, rather than attending the fancy Hollywood parties over Oscar weekend.

The couple hardly blended into the crowd during the outing, especially with Selena showing off her slender legs in a very short sweater dress.

There is little chance a musical connoisseur like Justin, 17, would not be familiar with the 60s doo wop tune by The Drifters.

And they duo were surely glad they took a tip from the classic group, as they seemed to be having a wonderful time together.

Wizards of Waverly place star Selena, 19, looked fabulous in her cute grey dress, adding a touch of colour with a bright multi-toned scarf.

Her Baby favourite boyfriend went for a more preppy combination, wearing a baseball jacket, white T-shirt, jeans and Van trainers.

Leading the way: Selena seemed to have taken charge and decided what they were going to watch on their date

It's better in the matinee: No doubt frugal Justin regretted attending the more expensive evening showings

What a gentleman: Justin appeared to be paying for tickets as he stood in front of Selena at the ticket dispenser

And while the latter may be the bigger music draw, it was his better half that seemed to make the decision about what to watch.

After checking the the cinema window, she briefly talked to her beau then purposefully strode towards the ticket machines.

It was certainly an enjoyable day for the puppy lovestruck pair.

They had earlier swapped sweet nothings as they tucked into sushi in trendy Studio City, before making their way to Sherman Oaks for a film.

Despite being low-key on Saturday night, Selena did attend the Vanity Fair party last night following the Oscars.

The teen looked stunning in a flowing long silver gown when she turned up at the prestigious event - however Justin was nowhere in sight.

Don't stop Belibering: The puppy love pair looked to be having a fine time together as they wandered around Studio City

V-ery happy: Justin appeared to be paying tribute to Winston Churchill as he gave a friendly gesture during his stroll

You're so vain: Selena certainly seemed to be enjoying herself at the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party



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