Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Taking the make-under too far? Helen Flanagan is more dowdy than demure after vowing to tone down her racy look

By Daily Mail Reporter

Dressed down day: Helen Flanagan was pictured make-up free and with wild hair as she strolled through Manchester today

Just a week ago she vowed to tone down her provocative image in favour of a more demure look after facing criticism over her choice in attire.

And it appears as though Helen Flanagan, 21, is committed to her new look, stepping out today in Manchester looking almost unrecognisable.

On top of covering up her ample curves in a demure ensemble, the former Coronation Street star also went without her usual full face of make-up and super-styled hair.

Helen looked a little tired but showed off enviably flawless skin with her new natural look, and threw her hair up into a careless bun.

She is clearly relishing the freedom of going au naturel, tweeting over the weekend: 'No makeup days are the way forward.'

The actress wore skinny jeans, studded loafers, a fur jacket and leopard print scarf as she strolled through Manchester city centre.

Make-under: The former Coronation Street actress vowed to tone down her racy look after facing backlash from fans

Fans had become used to seeing Helen step out in ludicrously revealing outfits and over-the-top make-up over the last year.

But her about-face came after she faced criticism for a particularly low-cut and flesh-coloured Jean Paul Gaultier La Perla dress that her cleavage threatened to spill out of.

After seeing the pictures in the press Miss Flanagan tweeted that she felt 'embarrassed' and vowed to cover up from now on.

'Polo necks from now on': Helen told her followers on Twitter of her decision by posting before and after pictures last week

Helen wrote at the time: 'I cant lie I'm really embarrassed about my boobs.. I just wear whatever dress I think is prettiest x'

Then, in a bizarre way of proving her embarrassment, she tweeted a photo of herself in a floral top as she showed off her plump pout, staring seductively at the camera.

Soon after, she added another photo in a more demure, long-sleeved black top, saying: 'Polo necks for me from now on.'



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