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Natasha Giggs reignites her feud with Imogen Thomas on TV revealing MORE intimate details of Ryan affair

By Daily Mail Reporter

Here we go again... Natasha Giggs (left) took a swipe at Imogen Thomas' virtue during an interview on Irish TV

Natasha Giggs has reignited her feud with Imogen Thomas, claiming the Wales glamour girl is infamous for bedding a string of footballers, as she divulged more intimate details of her affair with her brother-in-law.

In an explosive interview Natasha, 29, who along with Imogen had affairs with Manchester United ace Ryan Giggs, took a swipe at the model's virtue then proceeded to reveal more details of her wild romance with her brother-in-law and the pain of terminating their child.

Imogen, 29, hit back saying that she had turned down offers of talking on the The Late Late Show in Ireland and accused Natasha of using her name to gain more publicity.

Natasha took to the topic of Imogen like a duck to water, saying: 'I would never have put him with someone like her. She was quite well known for having relationships with footballers. I had never had a relationship with a footballer other than Ryan. It sounds really awful but I would never have put him with her.'

Imogen was furious when she heard she had been brought up during the interview. She wrote on her Facebool page: 'Bore off. Using my name 2 keep out there. Ur sat doing an interview I turned down loads of times! No1 care bout the giggs story! ~getoverit.'

Natasha hit back on Twitter: 'Who is 'IT'? £Zzzzzz.'

During the interview Natasha told how Giggs' wife started to suspect that he was cheating on her - after she caught them out together in Manchester and how her pregnancy with Rhodri's child drove the 38-year-old insane with jealously.

Not impressed: Natasha appears to respond to Imogen's tweet

She said:'I think Ryan felt a little bit jealous and became more intense. Bizarrely we spoke a lot more but it stopped when I was six to seven months pregnant.

'It went on for eight years. I learnt to live with the lies. I got very good at lying. I learned to live with the guilt. I kind of led a double life. It became easy to switch off.

'When I was on maternity leave I hadn't spoken to Ryan for a couple of months and he rang me very early in the morning and asked me to meet him. I went to meet him and what always happened happened and we ended up sleeping together while his wife was in hospital. When I say it out loud I can't believe I did it. When you are living in it you are not in touch with reality.

'When I became pregnant I was 100 per cent it was Ryan's child. Rhodri and I weren't sleeping together. I told him I was pregnant.

The husband and the lover: Natasha's husband Rhodri Giggs and her former lover, his brother, Ryan

'Straight away I said there was only one option - to have a termination. That was pretty much it. I didn't argue. I didn't want to have his baby. It was not a nice thing to go through. I had to hide that pregnancy. It was very difficult to hid from Rhodri. I was very emotional. I knew I was pregnant.

'I felt like I was going through it along. He pretty much rang me every day. He was away with Stacey and his children and he came home the day before the termination.

When it was over I thought I made the right decision. At that point we agreed to stop seeing each other. It was a massive wake up call.

'I didn't speak to him for a couple of months. When I felt pregnant to Ryan it was the first time anything happened between us for three years. The relationship stopped in 2007. Nothing had happened. I bumped into him on a night out and fell pregnant.

And she said that Rhodri had started to suspect that something might have been going on - long before the shocking truth was revealed last year.

On the mend: Rhodri and Natasha pictured before they split up over the affair she had with his brother

Walking on to the chat show to the tune of It's A Family Affair, Natasha said: 'I first met Ryan nine years ago just on a night out in Manchester out with some friends.

'A couple of years into it there were a couple of occasions where I received calls where Stacey had obviously found messages. I don't know if she suspected it was me until later into the relationship.

'On a particular night I was out with Ryan and we actually bumped into Stacey randomly. It wasn't just me and him.

Doesn't like a name drop: Imogen Thomas, pictured at the launch of Alton Towers theme park's new attraction, didn't appreciate being spoken of on Irish TV

'The story he gave her when he went back I don't know what that story was. Bizarrely I bumped into her a couple of days later and she questioned me about the night. I didn't know what to say because I didn't know what he had told her.

'I think that was when suspicions started. I don't really know Stacey. I was with Rhodri for eight years. Ryan and Rhodri didn't speak for five-six years. They had a huge row over what I believed was money. It could have been something to do with me. Rhodri might have had an idea.

'We met in hotels. I worked as an estate agent so had access to property.

'Obviously I hold my hands up and was clearly to blame for what happened but I was very much at his beck and call.'



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