Monday, March 26, 2012

Peter Andre keeps vigil at sick brother's bedside after he's rushed to hospital

By Emily Sheridan

Peter Andre spent the weekend at his sick brother Andrew's bedside after he was rushed to hospital just hours after arriving in England.

Andrew, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer last month, arrived from Australia on Thursday, but was taken to Accident and Emergency with a suspected clot on his lung on Friday.

The 54-year-old was due to start chemotherapy this week, but was rushed to a hospital near Peter's Surrey home after falling ill.

Family crisis: Peter Andre, pictured at the launch of Amy Childs' fashion launch last week, is caring for his sick brother

After spending the weekend in hospital, he was apparently released on Sunday evening, according to their brother Michael.

Michael tweeted last night: 'Hey'all... Thx for all ur kind words...:-) Andrew is ok at the moment and back home with us... Thanks again for ur concerns..:-).'

Although Peter, 39, hasn't addressed the latest incident directly on his Twitter page, he and manager Claire Powell have swapped public messages on the micro-blogging site.

The singer ended up cancelling a barbecue to spend the day with his brother in hospital.

Close: Andre and his older brother Michael in 2007

Powell wrote on Sunday: 'Shame about today call me when you leave A&E hope everything ok.'

To which Peter replied: 'Thanks babe, will call you as soon as I leave.'

Earlier this month, Peter revealed he was moving his brother over from Australia so he can get the best treatment and be cared for by his siblings, who live in England.

He wrote in his new! magazine column: 'Andrew and his wife Magda are going to live with me and my other brothers Mike, Danny and Chris in my house and we're going to look after him while he has treatment.

Concern: Peter's manager Claire Powell referred to A&E in a Twitter message on Sunday

'My parents, who live in Australia, are nearly 80 and I really don't want them to see Andrew going through the chemotherapy and all that stuff.

'My dad had such terrific treatment over here when he was ill last year, so he knows that it's the best place for Andrew.

'I'm going to build a small extension onto my house so there's room for everyone!

It's not definite they're all going to move in, but at the moment that's the plan. I need an extension so that when I've got the kids there will be room for all of us.'



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