Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not so health conscious now! Pilates bunny Miley Cyrus has a cigarette after eating lunch with friends

By Mike Larkin

She raised stunned her fans last year when she declared she was a 'bit of a stoner.'

So no doubt people will be wondering whether Miley Cyrus was smoking a normal cigarette after enjoying lunch with friends in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles today.

However it appears she was just puffing away on one of the popular Camel brand tobacco products after dining at popular Mexican restaurant Sharkey's.

Smokin': Miley Cyrus looked happy to be puffing on a cigarette after lunch in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles today

And no doubt the Hannah Montana star's legion of male fans will be reaching for something to calm there nerves, after she showed off her black bra underneath her grey vest top.

The former Disney kid looked in a great mood as she laughed and joked following another satisfying weekend feast.

However she will probably not be as amused when she realise her leggings made her look far from a glamorous Hollywood starlet.

Legging them have it: No doubt the pretty star will regret her choice of trousers on reflection

Bra-vo: Miley appeared to be showing off a little more than she intended

Smiley Cyrus: She could not stop grinning after one of her companions shared a witty anecdote

Last year, the singer stunned guests at her birthday party at Hollywood's Roosevelt hotel when she told them she was a 'stoner,' after being presented with a Bob Marley cake.

'You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake,' the star exclaimed on footage from the party.

'You know you smoke way too much f***ing weed!'

The incident became a national talking point in the US, with Saturday Night Live even doing a skit about it.

Between puffs: The former Disney kid took a momentary breath of fresh air

Who needs Liam Hemswoth? Though her boyfriend was absent Miley still had a hunky male companion



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