Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The pretty brunette project: Justin Lee Collins moves forward from harassment charges against ex-girlfriend with new lady

By Nadia Mendoza

Feeling stressed? Justin is facing a jury trial after his ex-girlfriend accused him of harassement

What do you do when an ex-girlfriend takes you to court for harassment? Get a new one of course!

It looks like Justin Lee Collins has learned how to rile former flame Anna Larke, by proving he simply doesn't care about her anymore and has focused his attentions on a pretty new brunette.

The Friday Night Project star was seen strolling along hand-in-hand in London with a mystery lady, attempting to move forward from accusations that he harassed Miss Larke for six months.

Collins appeared at St Albans Magistrates' Court last December to deny the allegations.

Having entered a plea of not guilty, he will now face a jury trial and be tried at a Crown Court.

Perhaps the stress of a future jail sentence - if convicted, Collins could face up to six months behind bars - goes some way to explaining why the 37-year-old has shrunk to half his former size.

Known for his cuddly lion-from-The Wizard Of Oz exterior, Justin has now resculpted himself.

Followed in the footsteps of comedian chubbies-turned-skinnies Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Carr, Justin now fits the celebrity cookie-cutter mould.

Wearing a white T-shirt with a photograph print of Steve McQueen, Justin highlighted his slender waist by tucking the top in and fastening his belt on relatively high waisted jeans.

Affectionate: Justin held hands with his new girlfriend, who seemed rather taken with him

In September 2009, Justin lost four stone in six months after claiming he looked large on television.

He told Now magazine: 'I had such a shock. I was putting my voice to some TV footage, then I looked at myself and realised I was the fattest I'd ever been.'

Justin confessed his weakness was for alcohol and takeaways, adding: 'Curry, beer and cider are all lethal because they're very fattening and go straight to your gut.'

His lady friend looked rather besotted with Justin, looking at him instead of focusing on the pavement.

Opting for casual chic, she wore denim shorts and black tights, together with an androgynous blazer and trendy silver shoes.

Collins has two sons with ex-wife Karen, who he was with for seven years before splitting in 2010.

Changing shapes: Comedian, seen here at The Prince's Trust Celebrate Success Awards earlier this month, appears to be transforming his frame into a more 'celebrity ideal'



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