Friday, March 9, 2012

'The wedding is still happening - with or without boobs': Danielle Lloyd left with AA cup after implants removed

By Emily Sheridan

After a terrifying health scare involving her breast implants, Danielle Lloyd has been left with a AA cup.

And with her weight plummeted to 8st 10lbs, the mother-of-two admitted she's been suffering from low self-esteem about her figure, sobbing: 'I look like a 12-year-old boy.'

So after several stints in hospital last month, the glamour model, 28, decided to perk herself up with an afternoon of pampering yesterday.

Feeling better: Danielle Lloyd shows off her new hair extensions at the Tatiana Hair Extensions Salon in Kensington, London yesterday

Pictured for the first time since she left hospital, the 28-year-old looked thinner and less bubbly than usual as she arrived at the Tatiana Hair Extensions Salon in Kensington, West London.

With Lloyd preparing to jet to the sun this weekend for her hen party trip ahead of her May wedding to footballer Jamie O'Hara, the WAG was in need of a pick-me-up after a dreadful February.

Lloyd's health troubles started soon after she had her E-cup implants replaced in January.

However, two weeks later, she was admitted to hospital after her breasts started swelling and she woke up in a pool of blood.

During removal of the implants to see what was causing the swelling, the surgeon discovered a blood clot in her chest and she required a blood transfusion.

After being released from hospital without her implants, Lloyd noticed the swelling still hadn't gone down and was re-admitted a few days later.

Surgeons found Lloyd was still producing breast milk and found a litre of milk in her right breast, even though she stopped breast-feeding six months ago, when her youngest son Harry was around two months old.

Now recovering at home after leaving hospital on February 23, Lloyd is taking tablets to stop her body producing any more milk.

She admits she has been left too weak to pick up eldest son Archie, 20 months, and struggles to hold Harry, eight months.

After having 22-inch permanent Russian hair extensions added to her shoulder-length hair yesterday, the former Celebrity Big Brother star was feeling much better.

She tweeted: 'So pleased with my @TatianaHairExts look amazing thank you so much Xxx.'

Ready for the hen: The recovering model wanted to look better ahead of her hen party in the sun this weeken

After meeting up for lunch at Aqua with O'Hara, Lloyd then went to get her eyebrows done by Tracie Giles, before an appointment with Harley Street Smile to discuss some upcoming dental work.

After having her brows down, she tweeted: 'Thanks so much really means a lot love my brows so much!'

Although Lloyd is still going ahead with her wedding to O'Hara in May, her lack of cleavage means her bridal gown is on hold.

She told this week's Reveal magazine: 'The wedding is happening - with or without boobs.

The wedding is going ahead: Lloyd is still tying the knot with O'Hara in May, although is unsure of what will happen to her breasts before then

Some me time: Lloyd said she was feeling more confident after her day of pampering

'On one hand, I don't want to put myself through another operation, but on the other, I really do want to have my boobs back because right now I've got nothing except a lot of extra skin.'

Nearly two weeks ago, Lloyd shocked fans when she posted a photo of her gaunt frame on Twitter.

She wrote: 'Never been so skinny & Pale!!! Need to get well & get a spray tan I think...'

The previous day, she wrote: 'I have lost 7lb in 1 week and not on purpose just wanna get better.

'So fed up!! Seriously just wanna feel myself again... Not seen 8st on the scale since I was 16 #somethingwrong.'

Weight loss: Lloyd revealed she had lost 7lbs in a week as she posted a gaunt Twitter photo of herself



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