Sunday, March 18, 2012

'Every year on Mother's Day the boys go to Jade's grave... I just want her to see them and be proud': Jeff Brazier on life 3 years on

By Lucy Buckland

When Jade Goody lost her battle with cervical cancer at just 27, her two young sons Bobby and Freddie, were left without the mother they depended on.

And their father Jeff Brazier faced a difficult battle taking care of his two sons as well as helping them deal with the grief of losing their devoted mother.

Three years on, he explains why Mother's Day is so important for his children, but not to be sad, but to celebrate their bubbly mother.

Remembered: Jade with her sons before her death - they remember their mother and are always talking about her

TV presenter Jeff explained he takes Bobby, eight, and Freddie, seven, to her grave every Mother's Day to play.

He told The Sun on Sunday the two youngsters will say some words to their mother, then have a water fight.

He said: 'If Jade is looking down from heaven, she would love the way the boys play when they come to her grave. They feel comforted.'

And the 37-year-old added he always takes the children to Jade's grave so she can be proud of them.

Just dad: Jeff Brazier said being a lone parent hasn't always been easy

But the TV star, who has a new girlfriend former Page 3 girl Nicola T, revealed when Jade told first broke the news she had cancer, he never imagined it would end her life so suddenly.

In 2009 she urgently texted her former partner, they had split five years before, asking him to meet her urgently.

He said: 'I told myself if anyone could beat cancer, it would be Jade.'

Yet when he found out Jade's cancer was terminal, the pair had to make the agonising decision of what how to tell her children.

Jeff said although Jade had explained to her boys she had a bad tummy, when she broke the news in hospital that it would end her life, he just broke down, but for the children, they just didn't realise.

Happier times: Jade and Jeff when the BB star was pregnant with Bobby, who is now eight

And faced with bringing up his children alone, Jeff questioned his own ability to manage as Jade had done.

He said: 'I gave myself a stiff talking to and said 'You can do this.'

Jeff explained the level of support he had received from Grief Encounter which specialises in helping children who have lost a parent or siblings has been a godsend to his little family.

New love: Nicola T is the new woman in Jeff's life - he has said she will never replace Jade

Although he adds, he does wonder what Jade would say about his parenting expertise today, as the most famous Big Brother housemate was not always complimentary in the past.

Yet, with a sense of pride he adds that both boys are coming along really well withe excellent manners and school reports.

Bobby has even been said to be the most improved pupil in school while Freddie loves Beaver Scouts.

And today as the boys go to their mother's grave, Jeff said they will release balloons in her memory to celebrate their mother's life.



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